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OH ALBERT Official Website - Elia Rediger & Basel Sinfonietta - 70 minutes of music comprising 14 pieces, this LIVE LSD Oratorium combines a classical orchestra, a live audience, lights, cameras & Elia Rediger in an open filmset.
Classical, Elia Rediger, The bianca Story, Post-Genre, Orchestra, Pop, Swiss,LSD
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Written by Elia Rediger
Film by Gregor Brändli
Music by William Brittelle & Elia Rediger
Conducted by Etienne Abelin

Expected RELEASE 2017/18

LSD Oratorium

14 Pieces | Experimental Concertfilm | Story



Alice is celebrating her comeback after 50 years of illegal existence. What has survived from her beginnings, when she was young and powerful? Inspired by Albert Hofmann’s troubled child LSD, the up-and-coming artist & singer Elia Rediger wrote a storyboard and, in collaboration with the composer William Brittelle (NY), filmmaker Gregor Brändli (CH), conductor Etienne Abelin (CH) and BASEL SINFONIETTA orchestra, has created a total work of art.
In 70 minutes of music comprising 14 pieces, this LIVE LSD Oratorium combines a classical orchestra, a live audience, lights, cameras & Elia Rediger in an open filmset.

3 LIVE CONCERTS  of «OH ALBERT» shot in a LIVE CONCERT filmset, including a stage, an audience, a filmset, filmcrews, lights and live recording.

The 70 minute MOVIE «OH ALBERT» is due to be released in 2017/2018.

All scenes in the concert are part of Elia Rediger’s story «OH ALBERT».



Elia Rediger [GUITAR,VOICE]
Etienne Abelin [CONDUCTOR]
Natalina Muggli, Lisanne Hirzel [HYSTERIAS/DANCERS]

Simone Zgraggen,
Kirsten Harms ,
Katharina Bircher,
Claudine Ostermann,
Nina Eleta,
Anne Vollmer
David Caflisch,
Sonton Claudia Troxler,
Katarina Plattner,
Iliana Hristova‐Schierer

Anne‐Françoise Guezingar,
Anja Martin‐Glatthard,
Anouk Obschlager
Ekachai Maskulrat,
Catherine Fornallaz
Lukas Burri,
Claudia Brunner Zsuzsa Lakatos
Vera Leibacher,
Ruth Gessler
Hanna Langmeier Stenz,
Karin Dornbusch
Carl‐Philipp Rombach,
Udo Schmitz
Sebastian Baumann,
Gabor Nemeti

Lukas Rickli (Rhodes)
Helga Karen (Synth)
Fran Lorkovic,
Kai Littkopf,
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Elia Rediger

Singer, Songwriter

William Brittelle


Gregor Brändli

Filmmaker, Artist

Etienne Abelin

Bildschirmfoto 2016-07-02 um 14.55.32



Elia Rediger

Singer, Author

is best known for his sonorous voice and dynamic stage persona, but little has emerged about his quiet work as a writer, his increasingly profound storytelling in music. At times he has been labelled Mr Nick Cave of the Swiss Alps (Radio RBB 1). But that does not quite describe the depth of his upcoming work. His artistic canvas has been growing more and more until now, when it moves effortlessly between the balladesque, the brutal, and the beautiful. Born to Swiss parents in 1985 in the Democratic Republic of Congo, he grew up in Basel, Switzerland. He started as a founding member of the Popart Band The bianca Story. In 2015 he became the house author of the Konzerttheater Bern, Switzerland. 
After having traveled he is currently working on his first solo album in Berlin.  This is his first collaboration with a classical orchestra.  Fond of classical music, Elia Rediger maintains what he calls a punk approach to singing. Aside from writing, he is associated with and the  author of various upcoming plays, radio shows, books and art performances expected in the nearby futur.

William Brittelle (NY)


William Brittelle (Official Website) is Brooklyn-based composer of post-genre electro-acoustic music.  Brittelle’s work is characterized by the melding of complex thematic ideas, rhythms, and formal structure with the visceral power and surface appeal of pop/rock music. Brittelle’s music has been the subject of features in The New York Times (Sunday Arts & Leisure), the Los Angeles TimesTime Out NY, and NPR’s All Things Considered.  His compositions have been presented across the U.S. and internationally., including the Festival Internacional in Chihuahua, Mexico, the Teatro Colon in Buenos Aires by JACK Quartet, Pittsburgh’s Music on the Edge series, Seattle’s Town Hall, and the Ecstatic Music Festival at Merkin Hall. He serves on the faculty of The New School in New York City, teaching courses in Post-Genre Music and the Ethos of Punk.

Gregor Brändli

Filmmaker, Artist

Gregor Brändli (Official Website): Photographer and filmmaker, grew up in Switzerland. Winner of the BASEL KULTURPREIS, he produced numerous music videos, worked as a director, theater maker and cinematographer. Since 2010, three of his music videos have been nominated for
Best Swiss Music video at  M4Music and Solothurner Filmtage. Besides founding his advertising studio advertis, he continues to work as a director, theater maker (Jäger & Sammler, 2016/ Glück), cinematographer and still photographer. He has also been involved as an editor in various feature films and throughout the last year he regularly collaborated with Elia Rediger, among numerous other artists. In OH ALBERT, he will lead the camera teams, in addition to having collaborated intensively on the script & concept.

Etienne Abelin


Etienne Abelin (Official Website)  conducted Bach & Electronics with pianist Francesco Tristano, the Youth Orchestra of Caracas together with the Sistema Europe Youth Orchestra at La Scala in Milan. His work has also included Swiss premieres of orchestral pieces with Indie Rock singer Shara Nova and Belgian DJ Grazzhoppa.
The Basel-based Swiss conductor and violinist Etienne Abelin, musical collaborator of Claudio Abbado for many years, follows his passion to inspire people by exploring new avenues in classical music. He’s a driving force in the build-up of an international indie classical network and is happy to introduce artist & songwriter Elia to the Basel Sinfonietta and William Brittelle to launch this production.

“An icon of new times in classical music” Musica Viva Magazine Brazil, 2015



(Official Website) is the orchestra for contemporary music in Europe.
From the beginning, their courageous program involved classical music as well as influences from New Music, Jazz, Performance and Multimedia. This orchestra is organised as an independent union and therefore works in a democratic way. All 118 musicians are involved with the decision on the direction of their program. For OH ALBERT, 32 musicians will be on stage.



Komposition: William Brittelle, Elia Rediger
Subcomposition work: Benjamin Weidekamp
Additional Dancers: Natalina Muggli, Lisanne Hirzel

Dramaturgist: Fadrina Arpagaus
Costumes: Janine Werthmann, Kerstin Griesshaber
Drum Robots: Gamut Inc
Logo Type: Severin Frank

Film: Gregor Brändli
Musical Director: Etienne Abelin
Production Orchestra: Felix Heri, Thomas Wehry

Production Director: Stefan Uiting
Stagetech/Backline: Martina Stutz
Production Partner: Kaserne Basel, Schallwerk,



Special Thanks to:
 Sandro Bernasconi, Carena Schlewitt, Tobias Brenk, Kaserne Basel, Felix, Thomas, Vinicius,  Joachim, Etienne, Judith,Benjamin, Nico Fragezeichen, Christine, Johannes,
Fadrina, Janine, Michael, Nicols Stocker, Stevie Fiedler, Sautti, Severin Frank, Caroline Feder, Marion Wörle, Maciej Sledziecki, Milan Büttner, the whole crew @ Kaserne…



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