Oh Albert | Did you take LSD, Elia?
OH ALBERT-NEWS LSD concertmovie with Elia Rediger, William Brittelle, Etienne Abelin, Gregor Braendli & BASEL SINFONIETTA. Hoffmann's LSD being gone for 50 years
oh albert, Pop, The bianca Story, Elia Rediger, Basel Sinfonietta, LSD, Oratorium, Orchestra,
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Did you take LSD, Elia?

as I am excited for this project to go online,
the questions occured wether  people involved had to buy a ticket to be on board.
I am pleased to say that the orchestra did.
I don’t know bout the people in the artist circle.
Thumbs up, things get ready here in Wonerland!
When it comes to me, i might but i might not.
It is of no importance at the moment.
OH ALBERT is a tribute to history, to A.Hofmann, to a promise being forbidden for 50 years.
Cannot wait to hit the stage with this…
Hope you are all good,
I might sound a bit crunched here, well its day X with only that one thing ahead of me,
I m walking downstairs for some food.