Oh Albert | Digital Panopticum 2016
OH ALBERT-NEWS LSD concertmovie with Elia Rediger, William Brittelle, Etienne Abelin, Gregor Braendli & BASEL SINFONIETTA. Hoffmann's LSD being gone for 50 years
oh albert, Pop, The bianca Story, Elia Rediger, Basel Sinfonietta, LSD, Oratorium, Orchestra,
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Digital Panopticum 2016

For those who ve been reading Byung-Chul Han’s Essays or Books, this is still one of those people still broadly talk of change in perspective. It is whispered that Elia has read this for «OH ALBERT». But he has been pretty annoyed by the fact that Han leaves out the perspective of what the futur could bring. Is he as pessimistic as it gets? This is pretty first grade blablabla, so its stopped here. Read yourself.
Byung-Chul Han’s Essay